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Muhammad Usman Kai

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent the most Merciful

My Name is "Muhammad Usman"(#L1nux3rr0r) and I live in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Me Just an Advance Noob, who consider myself as an Artist. I m one of those, who NOT normal. People like us have face very very difficult to act normal. When i was kid i want to become Scientist. Then about long time ago, i saw "Arfa Karim" on PTV. She was my 1st inspiration, then i make my mind that i will become computer Scientist. I got lot of dreams in Life. Most important dream of my life is take Pakistan at top in world in field of Computer Technology. InshAllah, One day, i will own an IT company like Microsoft and Google. And that company will become proud of Pakistan.
To be very honest, I tried really hard to start company but every time, i end up as last person in my company. May be my bad luck or may be i did not try that hard. May Allah give me success one day! One thing for sure, i may die in struggle but i am not going to give up. I know firstly, i need to gain height to become some thing So then i can make an difference for others.

I got skills in Coding, Graphic Designing, Viruses, Trojans, Malware and Bad-sectors. I got very very few friends. I hate to use cell phone or any thing that help me to interact with friends. I was also really good in Sketching but that was old times. I m really bad in Maths. I don't hate Maths but how Pakistani education system force to remember things rather than Understanding make me bad in maths.

In 2010...
I came in Cyber space in around 2010. At that time, Pakistani hacker are really really better than Indians. But in world wide Indians get more publicity. So we make The Hackers Media, Pakistan 1st Hackers Media Sites. The idea was to support Pakistani Hackers and provide them plate form to show their Hacks in 2011. It was really successful project but now i don't have time to mange it. :(

In 2011...
I was also one of founding member of "Madspot Security Team". It was Awesome Experience but again issue to "Trust" came. We Create some cool Scripts. One of our PHP Shell Script got quit Famous and consider as 1st Shell of Pakistan. We got really good black-hat hackers in our team, who are trying to become white-hats and aim to make Pakistani Cyber Space more secure.

In 2012...
In 2012, i become freelancer and start a work with start a new startup name is "HAF TEC". Just in few month, i was kicked and i think it was best thing happen to me. This help me understand that what kind of people are best to work with. Then i make my own Startup with name of "PCbots". Due to bad experience with startup, i decided to leave programming. I need to become Manager and Leader to run company rather than a good programmer.

In 2013...
Then in 2013, i start to work for "Playit Production" for few months as 2D Games Designer and programmer. Then move to "SWAM Technology" as a UI Designer for Iphone and Android apps. It was also good Experience and help me lot to fulfill my needs. I waste lot of time in Hacking. Used fake names and in end have Nothing. I got lot of fun in hacking. I learn lot about people. I learn, how to find shortcuts. In end of 2013, I decided to again start work on Team. I make plan with my best friend for New Company. I hate to do job, Or many be i m not meant for working for others.

In 2014...
This was my Worst year of my life. This was winter storm of my Life.
Long story shot, My University decided to NOT give me Degree. My all friend left me alone. My Best friend, whom i was going to make my Dream Company got sick and in single day, he died.
Feels like, sky fall on my head. This change my Life. Few month i cry every day but I become stronger, wiser and better. It took me few month to understand, what is wrong with me. Thanks to God. I survive.

In 2015...
This time i was ready. I Plan every thing. I decided that i m going to do job in small company so i have to do extra time and this will help me understand, how they run company. Thanks to Allah pak i got Job at very Awesome place. I start to work on myself. Set my Goals. I start to take 1 step at a time. I stop to complain about Life. I am only responsible of my Life. God has give me big head to think.

In 2016...
I know, If God help me then i am going to make a Studio this year...

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Favorite Quote: "Its NOT Over, Until I Win!"

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